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Historic Beulah Cemetery

Beulah Cemetery and Local Tourism

Beulah Cemetery is a significant resource in the historical preservation and heritage tourism destination, as one of the most intact historic properties related to the growth of the African American communities in the Vicksburg and Warren County areas. 

Tourists, visiting families and professional genealogists can actually see the gravestones of the community ancestors and descendants and capture names, dates and cultural and social markings.

The fastest growing sector of tourism is heritage tourism as people pursue their family history, ancestry and roots.  Heritage tourism is currently a $40 billion a year industry.  African-Americans are more likely to visit heritage sites, ethnic museums, and exhibits than any other segment of the market.

Beulah Cemetery offers many important opportunities to increase both local tourism as well as traffic from across the nation.  It offers to increase the national perspective of these important people in this  national crossroads of history and social development.